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Sinettipidennykset Blondi 000

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Blondi 000
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Our seal extensions are 100 % real hair . The extensions are attached to your hair bun by melting the seal with a heat piston. With this type of hot Fusion attachment, you can lengthen hair as short as 6-8 cm. Our seal extensions are made using the double drawn technique, which means that the loose hair used in them has been sorted several times during the process and the shortest hair has been removed by hand. The loose hair in each capsule can have a different length, but with the double drawn method, most of the hair is full length. This way, you can create an evenly thick tuft of hair, which guarantees a thicker look. Even after normal use, washing and styling of the hair, the structure of the hair is preserved, and there is no need to fear that the shine and smoothness will disappear quickly after several shampoo procedures, and the color will also remain bright. The natural hair of seal extensions can withstand heat treatment just like your own hair.

One package contains 20 seal extension sections.

Normally 100-160 seal extensions are needed, depending on the starting situation.

-One package of 40cm long hair weighs approx. 16g.

-One package of 50cm long hair weighs approx. 18g.

-One package of 60cm long hair weighs approx. 20g.

-One package of 70cm long hair weighs approx. 22g.

-One package of 80cm long hair weighs approx. 25g.


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