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Twist Locs Blond-Pink

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Twist Blond-pink
Kanekalon Type:

Non Pre Stretched Kanekalon


65 cm


30 pcs


90 g



Including VAT. 24.00%


Micro braids or Senegalese braids differ from classic braids in the number of strands and braiding technique. The braids consist of separate elements – thin spiral braids. To create them, two twisted strands are braided together, resulting in dense braids.

Attaching these braids is possible regardless of the length of your own hair. The recommended minimum length of your own hair is 7 centimeters. These braids are relatively lightweight, putting less pressure on the roots of your hair. Therefore, this braiding style is suitable for all hair types. These braids are made of 100% synthetic hair. Additionally, this material is completely hypoallergenic and heat-resistant.


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