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Nail hair Dark Brown 3

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Dark Brown 3

20 pcs

Method of attachment:

Nail hair

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During the manufacturing, only 100% natural human hair is used. Capsule hair is used for the hot fusion type of extension. This allows you to extend your hair with a short hair length of 6-8 cm. Hair is not treated with silicone. Thus, when washing, curling, dyeing, the hair structure remains unchanged and does not lose shine and smoothness.

The hair on the capsules is sorted out, using the double drawn technology – this is hair that is carefully sorted in length during production. The hair ends are quite thick, which is achieved by sorting and trimming the hair ends. The hair is 100% genuine and can withstand heat treatment in the same way as your own hair.

One package contains 20 sealed extensions.

On average, the number of strands needed for one head may vary from 100 to 160 pieces, depending on the initial thickness and length of hair.

– One pack of 40cm-long hair weighs about 16g.

– One pack of 50cm-long hair weighs about 18g.

– One pack of 60cm-long hair weighs about 20g.

– One pack of 70cm-long hair weighs about 22g.

– One pack of 80cm-long hair weighs about 25g.


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